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Whether an entrepreneur or employee, we can all learn from the inspiring stories of other women who’ve gone before us. Our guests motivate listeners through their stories of success and learning despite fear. They have faced their fears, acted with courage, and their braveness rewarded.

Need help making more money? Or investing it? Or saving for retirement? Or getting out of debt? Or do you want to learn how to set up a second income stream, your own business on the side? Or maybe just learn from talented women who are leaders in large corporates, charities or communities.

Lisa Linfield is a qualified CFP with a degree in financial planning. She spent 19 years as a leader in large financial institutions before setting up her own Wealth Management business. Her passion lies in helping women navigate their success at work – either in corporate or as business owners – and assist them in managing their money.

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I'm Lisa Linfield, and I'm an Author, a Wealth Manager, sought after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of Working Women's Wealth and Course Creator that partners with women around the world to change their mindset and help them make money, invest it and protect it from life's unexpected turns.

My passion is to teach women about mindset and money. To fight for the freedom of women, from the thinking that keeps them stuck and for their financial freedom – the two key ingredients to living your Best Life.

I'm a board Certified Financial Planner (CFP), have lived and worked in the UK and South Africa, spending 19 years in financial services companies before starting my own wealth management company called Southern Pride Wealth. I have 2 Honours degrees and have attended Oxford University, London Business School and Insead as well as Wits Medical School.

My goal is to empower you to live your best life possible – through engaging content, and teaching that practically equips.