Radio TI — Toastmasters International

Are you a leader? An aspiring public speaker? Perhaps you are working on building you strategic planning skills, management skills or overall confidence!

Toastmasters International offers educational programs and leadership opportunities that build these transferable skills to an extent of creating a podcast show, leading from the forefront or winning an international public speaking contest. Radio TI is a project

created by the participants of the Advanced Future Leaders Program and is an initiative of the Toastmasters Leadership Institute of Toastmasters International District 74. The program was lead by Frank Tsuro, A past District Director of Southern Africa.

Radio TI serves as a host channel for various programs in which each participant produces their own content. If you wish to learn more about Toastmasters, its transferable skills, the people making history in Southern Africa as well as the success stories and insights from various divisions of Toastmasters District 74, this is the channel for you.

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