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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, CVP, loves working with leaders, managers, salespeople and individual contributors to provide new skills and accountability to ensure they are put into action.

When people become more effective as a result of our work together, I do a happy dance!


Your success is my goal. I understand the need to excel in your field.

We get the best results — often measurable results — when we partner to create innovative, long-term professional – development solutions.


Rebecca Morgan focuses on long-lasting results, not flash-in-the pan fluff. I work with you to increase you and your team members’ effectiveness and profitability. Striving to deliver solutions that meet your objectives — on time and on target.


Based upon your specific needs, I develop an implementation plan.

Rebecca Morgan will uncover your needs by conducting a thorough needs assessment to make sure I creates the best plan for your situation. Helps you to analyze what is keeping your achievers from being more effective, and design appropriate solutions to address the target group’s challenges and areas for development.


It’s a true partnership. Without support from the right parties, any effort is doomed to fail. I believe there are three key components to any successful development program’s success.


I’ve authored 28 books, including two bestsellers. Details are in the Book section.


Rebecca Morgan has been helping improve people’s skills for decades. I’ve worked on many, many projects that have enhanced people’s effectiveness. I’d love to discuss how I could collaborate with you.


Please set up a free 30-minute consultation so I can get to know you and your challenges to see if I can help.

Rebecca Morgan | Leadership Speaker

Leadership and Management:

Engage Rebecca to customize thought-provoking, interactive, practical and fun in-person and virtual keynotes, workshops, retreats, and panels.

  • Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley: How to Survive and Thrive in Disruptive Times

  • Influencing Others When You’re Not Their Boss

Savvy Communication Skills:

Communication is the highest sought-after skill, yet organizations find it difficult to find people with stellar skills. Rebecca Morgan programs help strengthen this essential skill.

  • Interpersonal Communication Savvy

  • The Power of Our Words

Our words are much more powerful than we give them credit for. We take our words for granted, because we say so many in a day. We don’t take the time to think through “How might my comment leave the receiver? Feeling respected— or diminished? Feeling better about himself—or worse?”

Sales & Customer Service:

Your people are key to gaining and keeping customers. Ensure they have the very best skills possible.

  • Professional Sales Savvy: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales

  • Turn Upset Customers into Satisfied, Loyal Customers

Media Appearances
Rebecca is a Popular Media Resource
What do Oprah, 60 Minutes,, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Public Radio and international media have in common? They’ve all featured Rebecca Morgan’s expertise in psychological safety and team effectiveness solutions. Her ideas are so solid, Microsoft hired her as their workplace productivity spokesperson.

Rebecca has shared her insights and knowledge through many media outlets worldwide. Her knowledge is valued around the world, from her articles, blog posts, keynote presentations, trainings, retreats and consulting.


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