Rianette Leibowitz | Cyber Security

About:  Rianette Leibowitz | Cyber Security

Rianette Leibowitz focuses on Cyber Wellness and is on a mission to save lives by taking a more holistic view of our digital habits.

Rianette founded SaveTNet Cyber Safety, is a Brand SOUTH AFRICA Play Your Part Ambassador, Author, TV & Podcast Presenter and Digital Parenting Expert.

As head of Communications and Business Development for Cyanre the Digital Forensic Lab and LexTrado EDS Litigation Support Services, she stays abreast of the developments within the cyber security landscape.

As a speaker she has spoken to global audiences like TEDx, the Global Leadership Summit, Campus Party International and was featured in the international documentary film, “Public Figure”.

In her book “Raising a SCREEN SAVVY Child”, (also available in Afrikaans) Rianette empowers families to become responsible digital citizens.

Rianette Leibowitz speaks at schools, churches, companies and conferences and has played a significant role in the development of cyber safety toolkits for schools and corporate cyber wellness programmes for companies.

By being part of the Executive Women’s Forum based in America and other mentoring and leadership development programmes Rianette Leibowitz grows her international network. Rianette has won numerous awards with the latest being ‘Women of Wonder Award 2020”.

Rianette Leibowitz | Cyber Security

Companies and their employees have to carefully navigate the new digital realities of working remotely.

Companies are exposed to risks such as:

  • cyber-attacks
  • reputational damage and
  • potential financial losses.

Simultaneously, people who are working from home and their families are experiencing added pressure to manage technology and expectations to be connected for more hours than in the past.

To add a new topic to the training agenda and evaluate their digital awareness levels, companies of all sizes can now empower their employees through a Cyber Wellness programme.

Expert On:

Your cyber wellness matters to me…
We’re on this fascinating journey and I’m fighting the cyber safety battle in order to empower you to take your cyber wellness seriously.

Together we can create more positive impact and encourage people to become responsible digital citizens.

THANK YOU to my family, partners and friends for cheering me on and for seeing the bigger picture!


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