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A #1 best-selling author, world renown ultra-endurance athlete, popular podcast host and wellness pioneer, Rich Roll is also a highly sought-after presenter with a powerful yet grounded, highly authentic style, profound command over a room and the unique ability to not only educate and inspire, but catalyze self-actualization – leaving audiences with the tools and strategies to unlock and unleash their best, most authentic selves.

His inspirational memoir of plant-fueled athletic prowess, Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men and Discovering Myself has permanently changed the lives of countless thousands and continues to top bestseller charts more than two years since its release.


Rich Roll | Vegan Wellness


Unlocking Your Best Self Through Plant-Based Nutrition – “I want to eat and feel better, but I just don’t know how to do it!” We all know the refrain. The United States is the most prosperous nation on the planet, and yet we’ve never been more sick. 

Living Your Authentic Life – “I feel stuck in a life I didn’t consciously choose – how can I change?” Too many of us are living lives of quiet desperation. Locked in a habitrail life without the keys to escape. But freedom isn’t just possible, it’s our mandate. In this compelling talk that merges Rich Roll personal journey with tangible and powerful tips and takeaways

The Plantpower Revolution Is Now – Talking about food is personal. Right up there with religion and politics. And with so many fad diets and conflicting information about nutrition at our fingertips, it’s enough to cause vertigo in even the most discerning consumer.

The Plantpower Athlete – Collective wisdom is that “vegan” and “athlete” cannot co-exist. But this is pure nonsense. In this illuminating talk, Rich Roll reveals the truth behind nutrition, the tactics used by conglomerate food manufacturers to dupe and confuse consumers and sets the record straight.

Investing In the Journey – The most popular meme of the decade just might be the hack. Hack your diet, hack your fitness, hack your job, hack your wife. 

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