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Sara Webb believes in empowering people to actively live with intention on a daily basis by sharing simple hacks for everyday life. Hailing from New Orleans, Sara has been speaking since she was 17 years old.

She’s a wrap-around speaker, with dozens of finely-crafted talks for a variety of audiences. Sara Webb speaks about self-improvement, the importance of breathing, flipping the script of negative self-talk, the application of positive thinking, and other simple ways to reduce stress.

Her mission in life is to make the world a better place to live, one person at a time. She empowers people to access the power within themselves by teaching pocket-sized techniques to process stress, improve daily happiness, and bring the best versions of themselves.

Sara Webb is a part time mom, a full time professional, a longtime High Riser toastmaster, daily meditator, and yoga teacher.  She encourages others to focus on solutions rather than problems, and believing that there are no mistakes, only lessons.

We all want to live deeply and be able to transform our suffering. Sara Webb asserts that while we cannot control what happens to us, we can control how we experience it.

Sara Webb | Life Coaching | Healthy Speaker


To React or To Respond

Everyday situations are where our character gets tested. Learn how implementing your own daily meditation practice can improve our responses to stressful situations in our lives. Stories from the real-world combine with solid facts based in neuroscience and are laced together with palatable metaphors we can take home with us for the next time our character is tried. When we mix a little bit of intention with listening to our own inner wisdom, our lives can change for the better. 

Self-Care to Change Your Happiness Quotient

Words are powerful, both in our minds and in our mouths. Self-care is sometimes mislabeled and often implies we must spend money on things like spa days or travel. Caring for ourselves starts in our minds, bodies and homes. Learn how to combat the mental chatter we all battle. This talk will introduce a unique perspective on what it means to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves, and begin to heal ourselves, which allows us to continue to do our important work serving others in our lives. 

(Can be adapted into a full-length workshop)

Bite-Sized Peace

Has someone ever said, “Just relax – it’s a piece of cake!” How do you shift your perspective during times of stress? Sara teaches us the ingredients for choosing to create our reality, as well as the life applications and benefits of mixing in gratitude, breathing, and focus to life’s proverbial batter. Serving real-world examples, sprinkled with palatable neuroscience factoids, and finished off with strong analogies, this talk delivers a freshly baked take-home treat for bolstering our sanity.


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