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Leadership Needs to Be Activated. Shane Feldman delivers inspiring, customized and actionable keynotes that you and your organization can apply immediately to build thriving teams and attract loyal customers. In this digital age of distraction and disconnection, we’re facing a community crisis spanning all generations.


  • Founder & CEO of Count Me In
  • Internationally Celebrated Social Entrepreneur
  • Community, Relationships, and Team Building Expert

Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to engage and retain top-tier talent and customers. Shane’s unique approach will help attendees connect with coworkers and customers more effectively and allow them to become a true community builder within their company. Shane’s captivating keynotes empower human connection which increases engagement, satisfaction and retention and helps companies optimize planet, people and profit.

Shane Feldman reputation as a speaker is built on his energetic stage presence, skilled storytelling, practical takeaways, and his lightning fast response time. Shane is easy to work with, adds exceptional value to every event with sustainable impact.

Shane Feldman | Empowerment Speaker



Believe business is built on relationships? In this inspiring and actionable keynote, renowned entrepreneur Shane Feldman will help you reimagine yourself as a community builder, so you and your organization can build thriving teams and attract loyal customers.

In this digital age of distraction and disconnection, we’re facing a community crisis. Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to engage and retain top-tier talent and customers. The solution is community building: redefining leadership as a daily choice to connect with others in a more intentional and meaningful way.

Whether you’re an executive, a sales rep, a dentist or an engineer, Shane’s unique approach will help you connect with coworkers and customers more effectively, and equip you with the skills to be a true community builder within your organization. Having researched community in 20+ countries around the world, Shane Feldman takes the audience on a thrilling journey from remote villages to bustling metropolises, uncovering universal strategies that will help you and your organization build better relationships, and better business. Combining entertaining case studies with practical insights, this captivating keynote performance will help you and your organization optimize human connection so you can thrive in this digital age.

• Learn the daily leadership practice that drives creativity and innovation

• Build a culture that celebrates connection and collaboration

• Implement a next-level strategy to increase team buy-in and engagement

• How to offer a customer experience that guarantees loyalty

• The most effective strategy to make every interaction impactful

• Apply best practices currently used by the top performing companies

• Proactively avoid the top 3 connection killers


Shane Feldman – Leadership Empowerment started his first business at 12, produced his first event at 13, and the brand he started in high school became a global phenomenon. From an early age, Shane was seen as a success story, but hidden behind his smile was deep loneliness and disconnection.

Sucker punched by relationship breakdown, he left the country to escape, reset, and recharge. That first plane ticket turned into an unplanned journey around the world, and an accidental discovery of some of the truths about community: how they start, what makes them tick, how people engage and the power of meaningful connection.

Equal parts inspiring and practical, this timely keynote combines entertaining stories from Shane Feldman global travels with key insights that you and your team can apply immediately to improve communication, collaboration, wellness and workplace culture.


• Avoid a common mistake most people make in communicating

• Gain a fresh approach to problem solving

• Learn how to make every interaction memorable

• Understand how to proactively avoid top-performer burnout

• Easy strategies to increase wellness at work

• How to build a team that embraces change and innovation

• Community building leadership practices that you can implement right away

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