Zoya Mabuto-Mokoditoa

Zoya Mabuto-Mokoditoa | BE HEARD #1

  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Keynote Speaker:  Zoya Mabuto-Mokoditoa | BE HEARD #1

Zoya Mabuto-Mokoditoa has a proven track record in educational interventions that focus on assisting women in positions of leadership or aspiring towards it, to own the power of their voice, increase their influence and make an impact.

She is passionate about how public speaking can ignite the leadership qualities of individuals, and helps individuals find their voice and tell their story, making them better professionals and creating a healthier and more productive organisation.

Zoya Mabuto-Mokoditoa | BE HEARD KEYNOTE

Zoya is focused on forging meaningful relationships with her clients to deliver quality, high-impact programmes.

She speaks on Leadership, Trust in Teams and Motivation.

As a speaking coach, Zoya does both one-on-one and group coaching, and has incorporated Digital Presentation Skills into her offering.

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Showcase Topic: 

Zoya is focused on forging meaningful relationships with her clients to deliver quality, high-impact programmes.


Research Tells Us
Most people would choose being heard over being liked and yet more than 60% of people express that they do not feel heard both in their personal and professional lives.


Unpack the reasons behind these statistics and provide the audience with practical tools that will enable them to show up powerfully and ensure they are heard.

Message 2
A combination of leadership and presentation skills that will assist you to uncover and rediscover your voice and inspire you to share your story.

Message 3
You will BE HEARD when you apply the concepts Zoya shares in this talk.

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