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Ugwem Eneyo | Technology Speaker

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About:  Ugwem Eneyo | Technology Speaker

Ugwem Eneyo is Nigerian-American engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, currently serving as the co-founder and CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions (formerly known as Solstice Energy Solutions), a venture-backed, award-winning energy technology company.

The company is a bi-product of her research as a former Stanford MS/PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Prior to Stanford, Ugwem worked as an Environmental and Regulatory Risk Advisor for infrastructure projects throughout South Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Ugwem Eneyo has been recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy, Climate & Capital Media’s Ten to Watch and Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy Honors, among other recognitions. She’s one of the early black, female founders to have raised over one million dollars in venture capital. Ugwem has been a speaker at the World Bank State of the African Union Forum, Global Climate Action Summit (opening prior to former U.S. Vice President Al Gore) and Ceres. In addition to energy technology, Ms. Eneyo addresses topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech, hardware start-ups.

Ugwem Eneyo | Technology Speaker

Ugwem Eneyo work with SHYFT Power Solutions is pioneering the use of AI, industrial IoT and integrated software to build the electricity grid of the future by intelligently managing and integrating distributed resources like solar and batteries into the grid. Forbes marked SHYFT (Solstice) as one of the “Top 60 Women-Led Tech Companies Around the World Shaking Up Tech.” Headquarted in Oakland, California with a subsidiary in Lagos, Nigeria SHYFT Power Solutions is ensuring that the future of energy can deliver resilient, clean, and affordable energy to all.

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