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Vasti Geldenhuys will make most people feel a bit uncomfortable in a court room, but for Vasti, it is a familiar territory.

In a world of exploration, dominated by men, Vasti always watched and supported from the sideline as her now husband, pioneering explorer, Riaan Manser, completed 3 World first’s. This inspired Vasti to do something extraordinary with her own life. 

After a seemingly innocent request for a holiday to New York, Vasti never imagined that she would exchange her legal surroundings to something very, very unfamiliar. The mighty Atlantic Ocean. On a journey humorously but aptly called “Take Me to New York”, Vasti and her husband embarked from Morocco, enduring a 6 month journey at sea on a 6.9 meter rowing boat.

On landing in Miami, USA on 7 May 2014 the pair became the first people ever in history to have rowed from mainland Africa to North America. Vasti also became the only woman from the African Continent to have ever rowed across any Ocean.

They continued their journey by tackling the East Coast of the USA to finally reach New York City on 20 June 2014. Rowing up the Hudson River and passing by the iconic
Statue of Liberty.

In 2015 Vasti Geldenhuys completed her pupillage at the Cape Bar and was admitted as an Advocate. The thrill of exploration remained. In 2016, after tying the knot, the now husband and wife pair decided to set new a standard for the term “Honeymoon”.

Vasti Geldenhuys again tackled the Ocean, this time the mighty Pacific, on the exact same row boat. They rowed from California to Hawaii in a record breaking time of 39 days. They earned themselves another Guiness World record for the fastest mid-Pacific row. This record was previously held by a 4-man rowing team.

Vasti Geldenhuys | Inspiring Motivation

Hit by a 6 meter wave and capsized, 2000 km from shore; Riaan getting seperated from the boat and Vasti unable to stop the boat drifting futher and futher away; 12 hour rowing days while managing a new marriage in life threatening situations are just a few examples of life at sea.

Storms and ship traffic provided for harrowing escapes from natural and human threats. But there were the quiet moments when the couple could reflect, savour the sunsets on the ocean and be intrigued by the amazing wildlife.

Vasti Geldenhuys will intrigue the audience with a unique woman’s perspective of the world of adventure; a world usually reserved for rugged and very brave men. Her talk will not only inspire the audience to new possibilities but show ordinary men and women that one is capable of much more than one thinks.

Being inspired lasts longer than being motivated, real stories of having gone out and actually achieving what you set out to do.

As of July 2015, Vasti Geldenhuys can deservedly add the title of Advocate Geldenhuys to her growing status.

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