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Joni Peddie is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator, and is determined to enable people to build skills, awareness and capabilities in the various dimensions of resilience and wellbeing.

As a Behaviourial Strategist, Joni is the CEO of the business called Resilient People

Joni, focuses her work in the field of Mental & Emotional Resilience as well as Wellbeing in the workplace. The people that she deals with, are generally stress-rich, time-poor and suffer ‘decision-fatigue’.

Joni’s first book is called “The FAB Quotient” and she is busy writing her 2nd book called “5 specific and practical ways to BOOST your Resilience”

Joni speaks at conferences, which are now on larger ‘virtual’ platforms and facilitates team meetings (also virtually) on a variety of topics including: “performance issues / harnessing change / building Trust / EQ & Neuro-Leadership enablers ”.

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