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As a Global Speaker, Zanele has captivated global audiences with her sensational keynotes and thought-provoking unlearning facilitations.

She challenges long-standing company dogmas while developing her audiences with her unique, humorous stories and insightful views around the future of work and creating cultures of continuous self-disruption.

Zanele’s core values include teaching, life-long learning and an entrepreneurial spirit, these are the key messages she drives in every involvement and engagement.

From an academic standpoint, Zanele completed her undergraduate studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and engaged in two study abroad opportunities in Canada and the United States of America.

Zanele began her career as a primary school educator, teaching three of South Africa’s official languages and Natural Sciences & Technology to bright young minds. This was when she came to the realisation that the future skills so highly discussed and sought-after by organisations, were skills that were easily exhibited in children in the forms of inquisitiveness, frankness, resilience etc. This indicated that a large chunk of the work to be done by society was less about learning, but more around unlearning limiting frameworks and relearning the capacity to think and act creatively.

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