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Choose the package that’s right for you.

WeSpeak Global offers your flexible plans and packages


$ 0
  • $45 Signup Fee
  • 1x Listing
  • Podcast Listing
  • Bookstore Listing
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Link your courses
  • On-Demand Videos
  • 30% fee on bookings


$ 9
95 /month
  • $145 Signup Fee
  • 2x Listings
  • Podcast Listing
  • Bookstore Listing
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Link your courses
  • On-Demand Videos
  • 25% fee on bookings


$ 9
95 /month
  • $199 Signup Fee
  • 3x Listings
  • All Plan Features
  • Meet the Speaker
  • Showcase Listing
  • Guest Podcasts
  • On-Demand Videos
  • 20% fee on bookings

Silver Yearly

$ 480
  • $0 Signup Fee
  • 5x Listings
  • All Plan Features
  • PDF Support Plan
  • City Planner Database
  • Content Management
  • Integrate your Calendly
  • ZERO fee on bookings

Why Choose Us


The only events platform available on both stores.



Available across all browser interfaces.


On-Demand Videos

List, promote your own short keynote videos.

WeSpeak retains 10%


Create your own Merch products, courses, podcast links.

Zero charges

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Trusted By

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Only 20 “FREE” listings are available each month.


One listing per free package only, if you want multiple free listings then you will need to purchase any remaining plans left for the month.

Though creating a WeSpeak profile will not guarantee that you will instantaneously receive speaking opportunities, the platform is a tool for you to use to showcase your speaker persona and speaking experience. 
We also work on attracting more event planners to WeSpeak so they can find your profile and get in touch with you if your topics and expertise match what they are looking for.

Default search is on “Client Reviews”, the higher you have the more visible you will be.


Visitors can change filter to search by name, country, tag, category and more options.

Organizers can be companies looking for speakers or workshop trainers for their corporate events, conference organizers seeking your expertise.


Global events lining up presenters on business, medical, IT or any other topic, schools and universities looking for volunteer speakers for their students, or any other event manager who wants to have someone with expertise and great speaking skills.

You can choose to upgrade at any time from your dashboard.


No, it will be done prorata and only the difference will be owing.

Our content team review all listings to ensure material is suitable and correct, that no external links are inserted without permission and more.


Our team also assist with creating bookstores, linking courses etc and therefore this fee is to cover their time to assist you.

You are on a “free” plan, without contributing to any marketing or such outreaches. 

Any booked enquiries through the platform on a free package, WeSpeak will take 30% fee of speaking fee confirmed.

A Yes, every listing has its own dashboard statistics, in addition to your overall dashboard.


We have also included monitoring of your share, bookmark, email and call me buttons and these statistics are available on each listing dashboards.

If you cancel any package, then you will automatically be downgraded to a “no package” plan and lose all access to your listings. WeSpeak team then take control and it will be managed as a normal “Speaker Bureau” listing for 3 months.


These are then deleted every 3 and removed from the platform. 


If you downgrade then you will then have access only to what is available on that plan.

What is stopping you?

Look around the platform, see what is available and why WeSpeak Global is unique and offers so much more than a traditional “bureau”….


First Step – Register below and then “Add A Listing”