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What Will I Get?

What Others Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what others have to say.

The content creation team assisted me every step of the way and created all my courses.
Janet, USA
Thank you for the book store and linking my products to my listings.
Rob, SA
I am in control of my own listings and all my details transparent for bookers to contact me directly!
Joe, USA

Create Online Courses

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Being true to yourself means that you behave and communicate in complete integrity with your belief, values, and, most of all, with what feels right in your heart.

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Create Video On-Demand

Example: Lorne Sulcas, Virtual Keynote

How to not just survive, but thrive in the face of change, through potent lessons of resilience, adaptability, focus and proactivity.

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What Will I Get For $9.95

If you prefer numbers and stats, here are some!


Did you know …


The global virtual events market size was valued at $77.98 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027? (Grand View Research, 2020).


Even if we factor in that the exhibition and events industry had lost 16.5 billion USD thanks to COVID 19 (UFI, 2020), it follows that the industry was still worth more than 60 Billion USD in 2020.


66.5% of eventprofs plan to use hybrid as their go-to format once in-person events resume. (EventMB, 2020)?


Almost three fourths of planners, or 73.6 %, have become more proficient or much more proficient in tech as a result of the pandemic, which will be important as the industry transitions further to virtual and eventually hybrid events in the coming months. (EventMB, 2020)


Imagine there was a way to reach those event plannerswherever they are in the world, whenever they need you; for them to see your most current profile in a fully interactive and shareable format, complete with raving reviews from your most recent clients.


Actually, there’s no need to imagine it.



Over 10,500 installs on Google Play Store alone!

Now why would someone download and install this app if they are NOT  in the event industry globally?

Only platform that is available and markets across 4 App Stores:

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Some Recent Stats

Views in the last 30 days:
4,956 unique

In the last 90 days:
17,856 unique

Last six months:
64,726 unique

Top Countries

Collective views over the last six months:

  • USA 106,076
  • UK 58,763
  • Southern Africa 39,421
  • Germany 36,958
  • Singapore 29,637

Still Not Sure?

See what you will be getting below!

Here’s what you will have access to:


  • Call Me & Mail Me buttons on front of listing
  • In-App Instant Messaging
  • Upload PDF Files
      • Bio’s
      • Introduction
      • One-Pager files
      • Keynote Topic 
  • Video x2
  • Video Testimonials x2
  • Link all your Social Media Accounts
  • 3x Galleries (Headshots, Virtual, Keynotes)
  • Tabbed 3x Keynote Synopses
      • Synopsis
      • Take-away messages
      • Who should attend
  • Personalized Calendar for your direct enquiries.
  • Voice over files
  • Verified Profiles
  • Tagline
  • Personalized Logo
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Detailed Description

Membership to:


  • Discounted Mailer Package
  • Submit unlimited On Demand Videos
  • Submit unlimited articles
  • Create unlimited online courses
  • Podcast channel
  • Book Store and links to each book
  • 3 Additional Listings
  • Pitching Board

Isn’t it time you used the first and only marketplace platform across all 3 App Stores and all web browsers!

Who do we market to?


Corporate Bookers & Event Planners


  • Over 40,000 across the 4 Continents
  • AppStores Direct to Mobile Marketing
  • Google Ads across 4 continents
  •  Article Submissions to various business websites and publications across USA. 
  • Push Notifications – direct to mobile / web end users
        • Currently over 4,500 subscribers globally to these.
  • Social Media accounts

WeSpeak Global is NOT:

A Virtual Speaker Bureau.
Just another online speaker directory.




It’s key differentiating factor is that it’s a global App,
and therefore always in the pocket of Event Planners, all over the world.


Just imagine the possibilities of being able to send
your specific Push Notification to every user around the world.


It doesn’t compete for “Google Juice” – it’s the only one of it’s kind in the world.

Added to that, it has the unique capability to run in-App advertising,
which no other speaker directory or bureau can do.

A few “Frequently Asked Questions” we have received.

  • Can you guarantee bookings?

NO, we cannot control what a client or end user does.

  • How do I get my ROI back in a year?

As above we will give a full refund if you have done everything as required and not received 1 enquiry for you to speak, entertain or host.

That is a 100% ROI on your investment!

Let’s assume your fee is a modest $2,500, if you get 1 booking in a year, that is more than a 500% ROI. At that fee, 1 booking in 5 years will be a 100% ROI.

  • What is your marketing plan?

Direct mailers

Article submissions to publications & magazines across USA

In-App push notifications

Social Media marketing

Live events

Global Magazine

OK, I have registered so now what?



  1. Register and self verify account via email.
  2. Click on “dashboard”
  3. Add a Listing
  4. Select “Speaker”
  5. Select Yearly Silver Package


Yes, there are quite a few boxes to complete as we want YOU to have the best visible listing as possible. If you feel something can still be added – let us know and we will look into this!


To use our content team, just complete the “TITLE & DESCRIPTION” box at the top, click the SAVE/SUBMIT tab right at the bottom and then follow instructions through our payment portal – STRIPE.


After this send all your material to the  CONTENT MANAGEMENT TEAM

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