What is WeSpeak Global?

To find out about WeSpeak Global is marketed across various platforms, blog sites, AppStores and more

How to Create an Effective WeSpeak Profile

Your profile is the gateway to attracting new speaking opportunities, it is important to remember who your targeted audience is.


  • What kind of event organisers do you want to view your page?
  • What do you want them to take away about you, and your expertise?


Include your relevant experience in an engaging way. Openly express what you are passionate about and showcase your skills by uploading videos and images from your presentations.


Use your profile to give the organiser a clear indication that you are the right speaker for their event.

Talent Category Magazine 2022

Download WeSpeak’s global magazine of keynote speakers and conference hosts.


  • We have categorized the catalog for you!
  • See country flags next to each of the talent.


Links to their each of their full listings to make it easy for you.

How do I choose a Listing package?

We have created a very straight forward landing page with all the features and benefits to our most popular package


WeSpeak Global through its network will help you connect with audiences Globally.

Create a Video DinKEYnote

WeSpeak Global DinKEYnotes: Preparing your video submission for review.


Your video recording will be reviewed to assess whether your idea meets WeSpeak Global’s quality standards.


This checklist is based on the review criteria and will help you plan for your video submission.


The DinKEYnote can be either minimum 15 minutes in length or your full Virtual Keynote

Affiliate Agreement

This Agreement covers your responsibilities as an affiliate and our responsibilities to you.

Please ensure you read and understand the entirety of this document, as well as have a lawyer’s assistance if you desire, because each of the terms of this Agreement are important to our working relationship.

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